Local honey provided by Sasse’s Apiary


Frequently asked honey questions

How do you say the name?
Pronounced “Saucey”
Where does the honey come from?
Based in Chestnut, IL by Lincoln, about a half hour from Bloomington.  Its claim to fame is that it is the geographic center of the state. However, they have hives in Woodford, Logan and Mclean Counties, and all the honey is mixed together to get a consistent flavor throughout the year. Despite this, honey can vary in taste and color in different seasons.
Is the honey raw?
The honey is heated to just 95 degrees to keep from crystallizing. This is considered raw and is the approximate temperature inside a bee hive. The only filtering it goes through is a mesh wire screen to remove large bit of wax. If you want completely unprocessed honey, try the honey comb, when available.
Is the honey organic?
It can not be called organic. In order to have organic honey, all land the bees collect nectar in would have to be certified organic and since we don’t  have widespread organic farm land in Central Illinois, without confining the bees, it would be impossible to label that way.
How far do bees fly to collect nectar?
Bees have a 3 mile flight range.
My honey crystallized (sugared), what do I do? Is it bad?
It is not bad. Honey is the one food that NEVER spoils. To liquefy your honey, place the jar in a pan of warm water on the stove and heat gently until desired consistency. Microwaving is not recommended because the extreme heat with kill beneficial enzymes in the honey. To heat prevent crystallization, do not allow moisture into the jar and store in a slightly warmer place. Do not refrigerate.
How does the bulk honey work?
The bulk honey is $4.29/pound. You can bring in any jar you would like us to fill for you, wide mouth jars, such as a peanut butter jar, usually work best for filling and ease of use at home.  We weigh the jar first, fill the honey, then weigh again, subtracting the weight of the jar.  We accept donations of clean jars that are often available for customer use. 
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